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Live Virtual Cooking Classes

Participate in a virtual, hands-on cooking class with your friends, family or colleagues—right from the comfort of your home!

Chef Alex will walk you through a one-hour cooking session (menu, shopping list, set up guide and virtual login link included).

In-person Cooking Classes

Cook something special with guests in your home, or join other foodies at pop-up cooking class!

Private: Chef Alex will develop an exclusive menu, bring ingredients, and teach a class with your friends or family at your home.

Public: Chef Alex leads unique boutique pop-up classes at farms and in barns throughout Durham Region.

Pop-up Dinners & Events

If you love fresh, local ingredients and the families and farms who produce them, join Chef Alex as he prepares unique meals right on the farm!

Each culinary experience is one-of-a-kind and intimate. You'll get to meet the farmers and interact with Chef Alex while he prepares your meal. Check out upcoming events and reserve your spot.


Hosting a small gathering for friends and family?

Chef Alex can prepare a locally-inspired meal for you and your guests. From custom menus, excellent dinner music and wine pairings, Chef Alex will cover all of the details for you.

Recipe Development + Product Features

Chef Alex loves local food and the people who work so hard to produce it!

If you grow, produce, or craft ingredients, please feel free to connect with Chef Alex so he can showcase your passion, quality and dedication.

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